Summer Long Hairstyles 2014 For Women

As soon as the summer arrives all the women with the long hairs gets the maximum chance of styling their hairstyles in attractive looking styles. Mostly it is so far seen that the women who have long hairs are accounted with greater sum of options in styling their hairs. Now for the summer seasons the women are left with countless options through which they can style up their hairs in amazing looking summer hairstyles.

Summer Long Hairstyles 2014 For Women

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Latest Summer Long Hairstyles 2014

1. Long Loose Curls:

On the very first we have long loose curls! This can be taken as one of the best choices for the women with long hairs. To get hold over the long loose curls you have to make sure that your hairs are clean and blow dry. You can make the best use of a large-barrel curling iron is ideal for making loose waves and curls.

2. Basic Bun:

On the second we are left with Basic Bun! For making this hairstyle you just have to collect all your hairs in the form of ponytail. Now as you are done with the ponytail you have to twist all the hairs and make the bun of it. Now you have to fold the end tip of your ponytail into the ponytail holder and secure your simple bun using bobby pins. You can even make it classy with the help of ornamental bun cover, or rhinestones.

3. Side Ponytail:

On the last we have side ponytail! For grabbing over this hairstyle all you need is too carried away with the off-center partition at the front and top, and then tug your hair to one side of your head. It can come up to be best one for all part and fringes too. You can make the best use of any hair pin or the elastic band so that you can grab a section of your hair and tug it round the elastic band.
Which one is your favorite summer long hairstyle 2014 for long hairs?


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