Stylish Pakistani Kundan Khussay – comfortable and classy

Have you got your pair of the beautiful Pakistani Kundan Khussay? this eid lots of new stuff are back in fashion. some new accessories are also adorned by the fashionistas.

Pakistani fashion does change from time to time. new stuff are always welcome in the fashion industry. people adopt these trends and are fond of trying new fashion. nowadays, Pakistani Kundan Khussay are in. they are the most loved and best selling  in girl’s footwear. Pakistani kundan khussay are beautifully embellished with little diamondites and kundans. some kundan khussay are also designed in multi-colored.

others are with the touch of gold, copper and silver. these kundan khussay goes very well with the eastern wear. specially with the new straight pants and tulip shalwar you can flaunt on your kundan khussas.

these Kundan khussay can easily be found in the markets around Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad. also some online business pages are selling these beautiful kundan khussa at the minimal price ranging from 2300-4000. the quality and designs may vary. your feet will look more adorable if these kundan khussa are worn with the pair of kundan anklets.

after the truck art khussay, these kundan khussay are also the talk of fashion updates.

Pakistani Kundan Khussay variety:

Pakistani Kundan Khussay

Pakistani Kundan Khussay00

Pakistani Kundan Khussay01



Pakistani Kundan Khussay02

Pakistani Kundan Khussay03

Pakistani Kundan Khussay04 Pakistani Kundan Khussay05

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