Some ways to get rid of facial hair at home

Let’s be real, girls. Being South Asian means that majority of us are reliant on salons to get more than just the hair on our heads sorted. Yes, we’re talking about facial hair that tends to overrun our faces if left untended for more than a month, but now that we’re stuck inside our houses, what can be done?

Good news – getting rid of facial hair isn’t all that hard. You may not be able to head to a salon, but there’s no way you can’t turn your bedroom into a salon. Here are 5 easy ways to manage those pesky facial hair, compiled from Pinkvilla.

1) Tweeze ‘em off

Easily one of the simplest ways to manage facial hair, this is a tried and tested tool to get rid of the extras on your face. All you have to do is pick at one hair, and yank it from the roots – yeah, we know it sounds painful but it really isn’t. You also can not go wrong with this one.

2) Homemade wax

We know, it sounds almost too ambitious to pull it off (pun intended) at home, but trust us, it only takes a bit of practice before you feel like you may never need the salon again! You will need sugar, lemon juice and water. Mix it all together until the sugar melts. Then, get to work! You won’t even need wax-strips for this.

3) Eye brow razors



It sounds really risky – oh the horror of fully shaving off your brow! But, it’s one of the easiest and fastest way to manage your facial. And no, the hair will not grow back thicker, we’ve tried it. Tinkle razors work the best and even Vogue recommends then!

4) Wax strips

Okay, this one might need you to head out of your house (taking all precautions, of course), to buy the strips. Once you get your hands on them, you will need to cut them up into smaller strips to fit your facial contours. It can get a little hard and you will have to be extra cautious while using them, but they will get the job done.

5) Mask off!

If you’re more of a homebody and feel more comfortable with desi totkas straight from the kitchen, this one’s for you. Take some egg white, corn starch and powdered sugar, and mix it all into a thick paste. Apply it on your face and once dry, peel it off like a normal peel-off mask. Yes, it will peel off the facial hair. Not to only that, it will also tighten your skin!

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