Sneak Peak into HSY New Residence in Karachi! Check out Pictures!

A crisp white façade stood in front of me in the evident summer warmth in Karachi. The songbirds chirped, and the noise of the ever-developing dystopian metropolis faded in the background. It became almost like status at the borders of temporality, as the pristine poolside and the lush veggies of the garden impelled reminiscences about the time that once become.

A heat hug welcomed me to Sheru or as the sector is aware of him, HSY a hundred-12 months-antique ‘residence’, and it encapsulated the whole that means of his new abode. It resonated warmth that one seldom sees in the useless, sprawl that Karachi  name their homes – and virtually, like the couturier himself – who had simply gotten again from the fitness center, the surroundings exuded love not like another.

It is surely the previous chief justice residence of India as HSY discovered proudly as he took up the function of a manual via his residence. It was completely dilapidated, but we added it back to lifestyles.


Situated smack middle in the colonial lanes of tub island on Mary street, the residence that have to had been a centerpiece inside the imperial history, for decades lied in a kingdom of decrepitude because the metropolis grew into its great self without an oz of care about the days prior.

However, today, it stands tall, like our host, in all of its restored glory, whole with a tortoise who is as old because the house is!

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