Shahrukh Aslam Denies all the rape Allegations Against Him

Shahrukh Aslam, the guitarist of Bayaan, seems to have landed himself into trouble. We wonder which one of the two sides are actually promoting the truth. As of now, the matter is just aggravating further.

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A post by Shahrukh’s ex, Rabia Khalid, is doing rounds on social media. Rabia is accusing Shahrukh of incest, gang rape and of making her feel suicidal by breaching her privacy. She insisted that he should not be exempted because he is a celebrity.


Shahrukh was said to be the person who was unnamed yet was responsible for being behind this outrage. Shahrukh defended himself and denied all allegations of being a rapist and also denied other allegations his ex put on him.


Bayaan made its way into the hearts of viewers with strong performances including Hum Nadaan, Raaz-e-Fitna, Tou Kya Hua, Tha Yaqeen among others during the third season of Pepsi Battle of the Bands. Shahrukh is loved by so many of his fans. This comes as a shock for many.

This is definitely shocking because Shahrukh Aslam is a known band guitarist and has a reputation in the media world. What is your opinion about this allegation?

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