Shahid Afridi Unveils out His “Real Age” In His Auto Biography “GAME CHANGER”

Boom Boom Afridi not as youthful as we suspected he seemed to be? The same number of fans has suspected, Pakistani cricketer Shahid Afridi isn’t as youthful as official records have expressed every one of these years.

Afridi himself has made this disclosure in his collection of memoirs Game Changer which discharged for the current week. In one of the parts he discusses his call-up to the senior Pakistan group in October 1996, Afridi makes reference to that he was conceived in 1975. In spite of the fact that he doesn’t discuss the month or day, this makes him possibly, five years more established than what the authority cricketing records expressed as March 1, 1980.

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Shahid Afridi made his introduction in an ODI tri-arrangement competition in Nairobi Kenya, and most broadly, scored his record breaking 37 ball hundred the first occasion when he batted in universal cricket. The record stood solid for more than 17 years and what made it much increasingly extraordinary was the way that it was made by a 16-year old. Notwithstanding, presently we know, he wasn’t.


The year 1975 would likewise imply that Afridi was 34 or 35 when he all of a sudden resigned from Test cricket in 2010, having returned following a multi year break from the configuration as chief and remaining for only one test coordinate. Moreover this additionally recommends when Afridi at long last played his last amusement for Pakistan at the 2016 World T20, he was not 36 but rather 40 or 41.

Whatever his age may be, Shahid Afridi still remains a legend of the diversion.  In actuality Afridi resigned from International cricket on February nineteenth 2017, and he would have been 41 or 42 at the time.

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