Shabana Azmi Sherry Rehman Twitter Conversation created a Buzz around Social Media

The sacred month of Ramadan is when Muslims around the globe join with one another and the most recent discussion between Sherry Rehman and Shabana Azmi recently demonstrated that.

As of late, a Pakistani government official Sherry Rehman took to her Twitter and expounded on her post Iftar regret.

She wrote:

The tweet grabbed the eye of the veteran Bollywood on-screen character Shabana Azmi where she likewise shared her adoration for the sustenance in Iftar.  

This conversation shows that the relationship between the celebrities has been for sure a fact that the two nation relations are now becoming much improved and so many hopes can be thought about towards positivity.

Shabana Azmi is named to be one of the top rated and reputable Bollywood actresses who have gained the massive success by working in so many films with the strong versatile appearances. She is wife of legendary writer Javed Akhtar and has made their appearance in so many Pakistan art festivals and events.

It is to take note of that prior this year, the Bollywood on-screen character Shabana Azmi confronted significant backfire when she was welcomed by the Karachi Arts Council.

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