Sara Ali Khan vs Jhanvi Kapoor! Who will be the biggest Star in Future of Bollywood?

Well we all know that Nepotism has been existing in Bollywood for so long time and in this trend so many big celebrity kids names have been coming into the way.  In all such celebrity stars we have the name of Jhanvi Kapoor and Sara ali Khan names. Jhanvi Kapoor is the name of daughter of well known legendary actress Sri Devi and on the other side, Sara Ali is the daughter of Saif Ali Khan and Armita Singh who are also known as the well known celebrities of their time.

Both of these celebrity kids have now emerged into the Bollywood and they have definitely made their big name as well. Both of these actresses are known for their skills of acting and dancing talent that have made them both to known out as upcoming stars of the Bollywood planet. But now the main question is that who will rule the Bollywood in the next few years?

Jhanvi and Sara both made their debut in the bollywood through the big name of the directors. Jhanvi made her debut with the Karan Dharma Productions with the film, Dharak and Sara Ali Khan made her first appearance with the film Kedranath as along with Sushant Singh Rajput. Along the first film of Sara could not make the big business, but she has made a special place in the minds of the fans with her strong acting skills.



After appearing in the one film, Jhanvi did not made a second appearance and made her way into her appearances in the shows. But Sara came up with the second film as Simbaa that was a big blockbuster film as directed under the banner of Rohit Shetty. Now she is planning to make a third appearance soon as she will be part of film with Varun Dhawan.

Looking at the films cross success of these two actresses it would be difficult to say that who will be ruling on top of Bollywood in the coming few years! Who is your favorite out of these two?

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