Samaa TV host Muhammad Shoaib Made Apology Statement For Nasir Khan Jan Live

SAMAA TV anchor Muhammad Shoaib has at last issued a statement of regret to online life star Nasir Khan Jan over the brutal line of addressing he took on their May 6 scene while talking about one of the web sensation’s recordings.

He said: “We had a visitor on the show and I didn’t indicate him regard,”. “I posed him a few inquiries. The inquiries weren’t right, the way in which I asked them wasn’t right, and my style of asking them wasn’t right. It hurt the estimations of Nasir Khan Jan, his fans, and our watchers. What’s more, I am profoundly contrite to every one of you since what I did was incredibly off-base.”

Shoaib said that he had taken in an important lesson on regarding visitors and asking them inquiries in a proper manner.


He at that point called live Nasir Khan Jan to by and by apologize. “I asked [you] some unforgiving inquiries. I am embarrassed about the way I [did],” he said. “The inquiries, the manner in which I asked, that was all off-base. I am profoundly grieved about it.”

Shoaib had additionally tweeted while tending to an expression of remorse for his offending conduct towards Nasir Khan Jan:

Shoaib indeed apologized and said he profoundly valued that Nasir Khan Jan was showing an unprecedented liberality of soul.

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