Saima Azhar Profile And Pictures

When we start mentioning the names of some of the fastest growing famous and well known models in the fashion industry then we never stop without mentioning the name of Saima Azhar. She has just newly entered inside the fashion planet and in the beginning of the few years she has definitely made herself as one of the successful and top models of Pakistan. There is no such fashion show and even that is completed without highlighting Pakistani model Saima Azhar in it. In this article we will going to talk about the Saima Azhar professional life and little about her hobbies and passions as well.


Saima Azhar has always dreamed about becoming the top model of Pakistan. For her she is complete passion and enthusiastic for the modeling profession. She thinks that for her the very first PFDC was one of the most memorable experiences of her life. Her favorite international designer is Giorgio Armani. Her favorite photographer is Patrick Demarchlier. She just loves wearing casually as pajamas, T-shirts and rouge gowns. She never wishes to step out from the house without the gloss in her handbag.

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Saima Azhar is one of the most beautiful models in the fashion industry. Her sizzling looks and confidence in front of the camera reminds the fashion globe about the previous top model Aminah Haq. Saima Azhar gained the much attention when she won the title of being Miss Photogenic at the Veet Miss Supermodel Contest in 2011. The year of 2012 come across as much best and successful for her as she became the part of many advertisements and brands. She has remained the part of many fashion shows such as PFDC and Bridal Couture Weeks. In addition she has also worked with many fashion designers too such as Iman Ahmed of Body Focus; Sofiya Naveed Lari of SNL; Vasim Asghar; Obaid Sheikh; Fahad and Deepak; Sara Gandapur and Amir Baig.

At the end we would like to share some of the pictures of Pakistani model Saima Azhar.

Saima Azhar Profile And Pictures

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Few Pictures Of Saima Azhar Profile And Pictures

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