Saeeda Imtiaz In Kaptaan The Movie On Imran Khan

Every women wants to look pretty and gorgeous but natural beauty is a God gifted.The innocent and very young girl Saeeda Imtiaz was born in Dubai and brought up in New york. Saeeda Imtiaz belongs to a Kashmiri family. She is a very pretty girl having fair complexion and golden hairs.She looks very stunning and gorgeous.This beauty queen has come infront of us from a pakistani film industry in this year 2011.She has worked as a Jemima Khan in the film KAPTAAN,The movie by Faisal Aman Khan,a very young and fast growing director/writer/producer.She is an upcoming new face actress in Pakistani media.She has worn very traditional outfits in this movie.

Saeeda Imtiaz In Movie Kaptaan.









 Saeeda Imtiaz, The Beauty Queen.


 KAPTAAN. The Making Of Legend.

The Movie,Kaptaan is a film making on the legend Imran Khan.Imran Khan is a heartbeat of youth of this generation of pakistan.In this movie all the new faces and models come on screen first time in pakistani film industry.The releasing date of this movie has not been announced yet,but we are here to update you day by day.This film will definitely rock on box office because it is the movie based on Imran Khan’s life.


Starring: Abdul Mannan Butt (as Imran Khan), Saeeda Imtiaz (as Jemima Khan), Naveed Akbar, Usman Aslam
Cinematography by: Avid Duo (Farrukh & Yashal)
Production Manager: Farman Ali
Screen Play by: Naveed Akbar
Written,Produced and Directed by: Faisal Aman Khan


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