Sad ending of “Bay Dardi ” breaks many hearts into tears !

Drama serial “Bay Dardi” was aired on Ary Digital channel and it ended sadly on last Monday. Drama serial featured two beautiful actors from our industry Aiman Khan and Affan Waheed .They done their role nicely. This drama serieal deals with the issue of AIDS which thought as taboo in Pakistani society. Aiman Khan plays the leading role as Biya who became victim of HIV, AIDS which is transfered into her through her husband named Shaffay . The main reason to raise voice on this issue in drama serial is to spread awareness in people. Because HIV is always not caused due to immoral activities but it is also due to exchange of things among one another. The drama serial has a very sad ending which breaks many hearts into tears. In the last episode Biya and Shaffay were at last stage of AIDS and they died at last due to this lethal disease. This serial recieves positive critics from its viewers.

Sad Ending of Bay dardi breaks many hearts into tears :

Aiman Khan also shows her felicity upon positive views from her fans.

Sad ending of Bay Dardi breaks many hearts into tears

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