Reema Khan opens Up about Harassment During her Film Days

Reema Khan is one of the versatile actresses of the film world. Recently in one of her interviews she spoke about the incidents of harassment she had to face during the film career days. By getting into the showbiz career line it is common that the issues of harassment become the main frontline topics to talk about on the initial basis.

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Getting into interaction with the interview, famous actress Reema khan unveiled that she had to face such a bad harassment in her starring days of the career where she feels like not going on the shooting sets for so many days.  She even mentioned that when she was at the peak of the success career of her profession, she used to receive so many threats and even killing threats from the actresses of the same field.


She unveiled that once one of the actresses from the same field line tried to poison her but by the grace of Allah Almighty she was saved. Who that actress was? Well she didn’t unveil the name but she was from the same field.

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