Ramiz Raja’s Opens up his Opinion about Imran Khan on Samina Peerzada’s Show! Check this out!

Well we all know that Ramiz Raja is no stranger to the Pakistani public. He was much known in his youth days being for his fantastic cricket skills to currently being the top commentator in the country Ramiz is truly known out to be the cricket fanatic in all sense of the word.

Couple of days back, he made an appearance on Samina Peerzada’s web show in a tell-all episode. During the time of the show interview, he was question about ruling condition of PTI and Imran Khan on which he expressed his opinion. 

On mentioning about Imran Khan he stated that:

 “Mark my words, he will succeed. “ “He (Imran Khan) is bound to succeed. ” “He will prove you wrong 1000 out of a 1000 times, just because he has pure intentions and is extremely hard working”.

He even memorize the moments of the 1992 world cup when the team was in the bad state in the beginning of the tournament but it was the firm spirit of Imran Khan as a captain that led the team to the winning trophy line.


He openly said that he has a strong belief in Imran Khan leadership and he is hoping for the day to come when Pakistan will be successful because of him.

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