Rabia Butt Shut Down The Trolls Questioning on Her Islam Belief

Model Rabia Butt has reacted to the trolls who have been remarking on her ‘frightful’ pictures that are coursing via web-based networking media.  Clearly, somebody has named Rabia Butt’s photos a potential reason for ruining individuals’ Roza. In answer to which she tweeted:

“Whoever thinks kei Islam ko Sab sei bara khatra is waqt Rabia Butt ki tasaweer sei hai aur rozay tum Sab ki zati baighairti ki wajah sei nahi Balkay Rabia ki wajah sei kharab nai hein”.

It appears as though the superfluous analysis and open editorial didn’t stop with her valiant and daring tweet so the model-turned-on-screen character discharged a short video clarifying her side of the story in detail.

She stated: “I’m especially mindful of this reality that one shouldn’t disclose anything to anybody yet with regards to adore, to individuals who cherish you and regard you at that point it’s your prime duty to not to disillusion them and to tell them the certainties”.

In a Twitter video, Butt shared, “I’ve seen a portion of my photos circling via web-based networking media. I can’t comprehend the issue.”


She included, “I have never asserted that I’m an extremely religious individual or a firm adherent. Or then again illuminate me on the off chance that I have ever affirmed anything of the sort? One thing I have admitted is that I gain from my missteps.”  She further said: “Our Lord is so thoughtful. He’s not the person who calls attention to the oversights of his creation however manages them in a superior manner. It is us people who continue helping others to remember their defects.”

She went on, “I could never need to be humiliated before the Almighty or my sisters.”  On the video finishing she said: “My past is my past, I can’t transform it. You can point fingers at me over something that is present and not old”.

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