Purple Dream by Echo – Hair Accessories

Echo is a fashion brand that offers you creatively designed accessories that are absolutely GORGEOUS! For all the ones who want to have an edge over the others fashionably, then ECHO is right what you want. The brand offers you a variety of different accessories be it jewellery or headbands or clips! And that’s not it, the brand also offers an exclusive clothing line as well, where you can get your dresses custom made flaunt yourself away! Purple Dream by Echo is one of the many collections offered by the brand, it includes a range of hair accessories that are nothing but a dream. YES, they are beyond cuteness! From headbands  decorated with a purple silk bows and roses to creativley designed hairclips and other jewellery items as well! So get your hands on your favourite stuff right away and get ECHOFIED! Contact:

Hair Accessories for Girls

Hair Accessories by Echo



Headband with a Purple Silk Bow

Headbands from Purple Dream by ECHO

Headband with Purple silk Rose


Source: Echo


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