Pretty Bridal Trends In Pakistan

This week You! talks to ace stylist Mona J. about latest trends in bridal make up this summer Pretty brides

Are you planning to tie the knot after Eid,Be it a small wedding or a lavish one, all weddings follow a certain degree of trends and styles. Each year the marriage season calls for the latest trends in hair and makeup.

Clean, clear, glowy skin; and soft, feminine shades along with long lashes are big this year. Dark eyes with subtle pink lips and peachy cheeks are a classically feminine way to look beautiful on your big day.

This season is all about trendy colours and styles which you may have already seen at bridal shows this year. Orange, pink and red in lipsticks and purple, mauve and bronze for eyes.

Coloured eye corners and cakey base is totally out. These days modern brides go for chic makeup. They don’t want typical ‘bridal makeup’ and they don’t want to look artificial any more.

Big hairdos will be out. Sleek hair will be in. However, some brides still prefer big hairdos.

These days hairstyles are inspired from ’70s and ’80s… a mix of both. Hair can be worn down, flowing with loose curls and waves. The updo that once dominated the bridal scene has a much softer look as well. The current trend for brides’ hairstyles is very natural and understated, with soft curls and an artfully placed ribbon or flower rather than hard, rigid updos.

Bridal makeup is actually the testing of your skills. You have to make the bride beautiful. If she is an ordinary looking bride then you have to enhance her looks and if she is beautiful then you have to make her look more radiant. In both cases a stylist has to come up with a ‘perfect’ bride.

No matter how natural bridal makeup is, it is important to use foundation. It not only hides blemishes but it also gives your skin an even tone. For a flawless base a right amount of foundation is essential.

If you’re a big crier, think twice before tacking on false lashes. Curl your lashes and stick with volumizing mascara instead, and whether you wear falsies or not, waterproof mascara is a must.

1 Huda beauty highlighter,2 Georgio Armani’s foundation,
3 Nars – blush on

Red in combination with white, gold and sky blue. Since vintage glamour is becoming increasingly popular, bright red lips and soft smoky eyes are in.

Brides are actually getting aware of makeup these days and they just don’t want to look like typical brides any more. So these days you have to keep a certain look in your mind while doing someone’s makeup because it has to be different from others.

Before starting the makeup, I consider the face type along with areas that I want to emphasize on and areas that I want to downplay. It is very important to bring out the assets in one’s features and enhance their looks with proper contouring. Secondly, their complexion and eye colour is a key factor in playing with the right colours that will complement them.

To make sure your skin looks its best, exfoliate your face and neck once or twice a week a couple months before the wedding. Getting regular facials makes a big difference in your skin’s texture and helps you have the best base for makeup.

Since brides carry a very small purse so ask your sister, friend or some other female relative to carry a powder compact, tissues and lipstick for you. This will help you do the touch ups, especially if your wedding is going to be a long affair.


Since it is your wedding, you will be photographed a lot. Remember, foundations with yellow tones work best with flash photography. It is advisable to go for a light dusting of translucent powder, so that your face does not end up shining too much. You can also apply bronzing powder to warm your skin tone and get a natural glow!



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