Omar Shahid Hamid’s Novel The Party Worker to Become a Netflix Series Soon

Pakistan is yet to make its Netflix debut with a unique arrangement however it would seem that the holdup is at long last going to be finished. Pakistani author Omar Shahid Hamid has authoritatively declared that his globally acclaimed book ‘The Party Worker’ is before long going to be made into a web series and he’s peering toward for Netflix!

Taking to Twitter, he affirmed the huge news uncovering that he has as of late marked an web series for one of his smash hit books. Omar Shahid likewise referenced that in the event that they don’t get Netflix endorsement, the web series will at that point be broadcast on HUM TV.

‘The Party Worker’ takes us to the avenues of Karachi investigating the other essence of legislative issues of Pakistan. Having served the Karachi Police for over 10 years now, Omar Shahid takes us to the obscure places in the city of Karachi where wrongdoings and defilement are normal.


Omar Shahid Hamid is a serving security master and counter terrorism proficient. He composed books amid his 5-year vacation as he was on the hit rundown of Taliban in 2011 after his dad Malik Shahid Hamid was killed in Karachi.

The 42-year old writer has composed two other top rated books including ‘The Prisoner’ and ‘The Spinner’s Tale’ and has been broadly highlighted in significant news outlet universally.

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