Nida Yasir Showing Off Her Branded Shopping in Morning Show Has Angered Pakistanis

Nida Yasir, most famous for her career as a morning exhibit host, has been in the enjoyment commercial enterprise for a clearly long while now. As the host of ‘Good Morning Pakistan’, she has pretty a reputation for connecting with her target market and being relatable when it comes to household matters, through being open about them. For this very reason, what she did currently on one of the episodes has upset a lot of people, but has additionally left a lot of us unsurprised due to the unlucky ‘show-off/haul’ fashion that is now becoming common.

There’s a clip from Nida Yasir’s talk show doing rounds on Facebook in which she’s displaying all the clothes, shoes and luggage she offered on a vacation recently, to an audience that can’t dream of even affording a single object on her list. Who’s going to college her about this?

The clip opens with Nida telling her audience that she was once on holiday and asking them what they’d like to see first of her trip- her snap shots or her shopping.


She then decides that she’ll show the target market her shopping first, and heads on to a desk in the back, informing the human beings about how she was once met by sales on stated vacation and sold an insane amount of baggage that she’ll show them.

Showing all and sundry her clothing from brands that are pretty well recognized for being expensive, she expresses her enchantment to the sleeves of some and the sequins of others.

She additionally holds up a fluffy white poncho, pointing out that she liked it due to the fact she should wear it each overseas as nicely as in Pakistan, and laughs about how her sister called her a murghi when she wore it to her place. She expresses how it appears definitely ‘smart’ when worn on top of jeans and how tons she loves the poncho.

Nida then goes on to exhibit her audience her shoes, expressing that she wasn’t a fan of European shoes. She states that the reason at the back of her dislike is the Europeans’ ‘motay motay paaon’ and ‘dhabbar dhabbar designs’.

The target audience then breaks into applause – and I think it’s quintessential to note that these people, most of whom show up to be women, belong to what contains the majority of Pakistan in terms of socioeconomic heritage – and that it’s not going that they can manage to pay for any of the items Nida is displaying to them.


After displaying off a few of her coats and jackets, Nida says that she waited till the give up of her trip to shop, and took a two-hour instruct to the outlet mall to purchase these things.

She even suggests the crowd her sunglasses, asking them if they think they suit her. She names high-end brands for these too. She then factors out that she sold a lot of bags and that she did now not apprehend what drove her selection to do that, announcing ‘jaisey patta nahi kya hougaya hay mujhey’.

It is right here that Nadia Hussain points out that small baggage can only be used once in a while and for brief events, because they don’t healthy something – occasionally not even their large smartphones.

The video concludes with Nida continuing to show the target audience her bags, and at this point, almost everybody that’s looking at would be a bit tired of what she used to be doing for the ultimate seven minutes.

People had quite a bit to say about Nida’s display of possessions, and a lot of them didn’t seem to please about it.

This viewer expressed her disappointment in how Nida appears to have run out of content, and should be higher off asking her audience how they run their day to day prices than making them feel terrible about things they can’t afford. She acknowledges Nida’s right to privacy, however disagrees with how she introduced her possessions on to a morning show, which is viewed chiefly through the middle-class.

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