Nickie Nina Latest Party Wear Collection 2011

Nickie Nina label is founded in 2000 by two talented sister Aliya Ali (Nickie) and Nabila Junaid (Nina). Since Nickie Nina establishment they have gained much success and immediately opened their outlets in Karachi, Lahore, Dubai etc. They have also showcased their latest collection in many fashion shows like Karachi fashion week, Lakme India fashion week and many in London, New York and UK etc. Recently Reema khan photo shoot was done in which she wear Nickie Nina Party wear gowns representing Black Beauty of modern time. Nickie Nina party wear dresses are made for today’s modern women. Lets have a look at Nickie Nina latest collection fr women 2011….

Nickie Nina latest party wear gowns and frocks 2011

latest black beauty dresses b Nickie nina

Nickie nina formal wear for women 2011



Latest photo shoot of reema khan in Nickie nina dresses 2011

reema khan in latest fashion dresses by Nickie nina 2011

Reema khan in Nickie Nina latest collection party wear gowns 2011



Source: Nickie Nina

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