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It seems like Pakistani Fashion Industry comes to life during summer season. The face of Pakistani fashion industry is changing radically, and there is a sudden exposure of fashion in the country especially during the summer season.Sobia-Nazir-Lawn-2013-Dresses-online-shopping Arrival of summer means extravagant shopping, women going crazy after clothes, new Lawn prices and introduction of countless Lawn designers. Every year the number of designers increases in exponential form, resulting in uncontrollable fashion phobia and competition. Designer Lawn saves you the hassle, getting something made by yourself in the end results in almost the same price. So, isn’t it preferable to buy the Designer Lawn which has the incentive of a logo and a brand name attached to It.? The result of these new Lawn prints has introduced Counterfeited products, i.e. copies of original Lawn prints available at very cheap prices. Some copies are so good that they are almost impossible to differentiate, and one has to be really careful especially when ordering these Pakistani dresses online.

Style.Pk is known for the services it provides to its clients. It not only gives client the option to choose Pakistani Dresses Online, keep their website updated according to the new lawn prices but also gives the readers the feasibility of selecting their favourite brand. Its user friendly interface makes it easy for the client to view and choose Pakistani dresses online providing pictures of the dresses from almost every angle.

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Every summer brings in new beautiful, alluring and glamorous Pakistani dresses for fashion fans, who love to wear enchanting clothes. People spend a large amount of money, time and effort on their Lawn clothes and this is where the DESIGNER LAWN comes into action. The designer lawn makes your dresses look not only beautiful but also sizzling. Now –a-days almost every designer give its collection Online for the user to choose these Pakistani Dresses online. During a survey this year, the estimated number of premium lawn brands in Pakistan has reached up to 60. Including famous brands like Sobia Nazir, Al Karam,Elan and Kamal Lawn and you can order anyone of the above mentioned Pakistani Lawn dresses online with the updated prices. The demand of Pakistani dresses and designer Lawn such as Zara Shahjahan, Sobia Nazir and Alkaram Textiles etc are not only limited to domestic market in Pakistan but also is in high demands in affluent segments of overseas Pakistani communities especially in countries like America, Europe and middle east. On the contrary the small and local Lawn brands estimated number has reached up to 108. According to Edbiz Consulting the estimated annual size of the lawn market in Pakistan is no less than Rs 50 billion. And this is considered to be one of the most demanded seasonal consumer item every year. The demand of Lawn increases every year and so does the prices. If Pakistani government is willing and puts in effort this supposedly lawn-war for incarcerating the Pakistani domestic market can be channelized into something profitable such as means of earning foreign exchange. And to do this, Pakistani government should encourage and support Lawn exports. This will not only improve Pakistani economy but will also enhance the image of Pakistan.

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