Muslims Show Anger On Bella Hadid After She Disrespected The Kalma

Supermodel Bella Hadid suffered extreme backlash on line after she posted a photo on her Instagram account that allegedly disrespected Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

#BellaHadidIsRacist went viral the day gone by on line after Bella posted a photo on her Instagram story of her shoe facing three airplanes, two being Saudi and UAE.

The perspective of the picture recommended that Bella was kicking the flags on the aircraft tails and disrespecting the kalma on the Saudi one in particular. The image rapidly picked up on Twitter and Muslims commenced tweeting out their fury – with many throwing away their Dior products in protest (Bella endorses the multi-millionaire company).

After all the backlash, Bella posted a prolonged apology on Instagram and Twitter, relaying that she didn’t imply to hurt anyone’s sentiments.

Bella also wrote her apology in Arabic, and pleaded to the Muslim community; “I would never want my posts or platform to be used for hate in opposition to anyone, in particular these of my very own lovely and effective heritage.” “I love and care so a whole lot about the Muslim and Arab side of my family as properly as my brothers and sisters throughout the world”.

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