Midsummer Story Vol. II by Al Karam Textiles

Al Karam is a leading Textile Company in Pakistan since March 1986. They are a provider of high quality fabric for home linen, clothes and industrial markets. Recently they have launched their new collection for women named “Midsummer story vol. II“. All dresses in Al karam midsummer story collection is very trendy and stylish and could be wear in coming fall season of Pakistan. In Al karam volume 2 collection Long colorful shirts with churidar are exactly to the demands of Pakistani latest fashion trend. The feature model for this collection is Neha Ahmed. She carried Al Karam midsummer story dresses very elegantly. Lets have a look…

 Al karam midsummer story volume II

 Neha Ahmed in midsummer story vol. II collection

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 beautiful fashion dresses by al karam

 long shirt fashion for girls


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