Mehwish Hayat Shut Down Trolling Unfair Judgments on her Web Series Enaaya

Well after Indian entertainment world, the trend of making web series of getting high in Pakistan cinema too. Did you watch Enaaya web series? Enaaya is the latest and fresh web series that has been directed with Wajahat Rauf with the leading cast of Mehwish Hayat and Azfar Rehman in it. This web series has become the main talk of the town since its first episode. The reason why the audience does not like this web series is just because the first episode was based on some filthy language words that were not suitable to be used in Pakistan content.

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For using such abusing words in the web series, Pakistani actor Fahad Mustafa also tweet showing out his anger and disgracing the whole web series by calling it porn. So many more unfair statements are coming in the way and it seems Mehwish Hayat could not handle all such statements and finally spoke out! This is what Mehwish Hayat has to stay about her web series!


Well at some point we do think the actress is right with her statement shut down because you cannot pass a judgment on any web series till the end of the episode. What is your opinion about it?

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