Meera Put Allegations on Actress Reema for Poisoning Her during Film Career

The world of showbiz has been always remained the world of competition and being on the top ranking of the audience favorite. But in all such competitions the allegations between the actresses on one another is quite common. Discussing the recent allegation, showbiz actress Meera has put allegations on actress Reema Khan for giving her poison at the time of film career. This is so surprising!

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This all started at the time when in one of the interviews, Reema Khan unveiled that how some of the actresses has tried to give her poison at the time of her success career. Reema did not directly mention the name of any actress. But we think so that Meera has understood the whole scenario and has taken the whole situation in her content.


While getting into a talk show recently, Meera unveiled that she was once given poison by Reema in her career time as she was jealous of her success and beauty. This sounds quite interesting for the audience!

Meera is a controversial queen and she knows how to stay in media headlines. But we must say this allegation is much interesting to talk about!

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