Mansha Latest Eid Collection 2012 For Women

Mansha is an Indian clothing brand was established in year 2009.Mansha has always given traditional outfits for women either it was seasonal or occasional.Mansha summer collection 2012 has recently launched and get so much appreciation from Indian and Pakistani fashion lovers.Now Mansha latest eid colelction 2012 has finally launched.

As we know that the event of Eid-Ul-Fitr is our traditional and religious occasion and we all love to wear traditional yet eastern outfits during this event.Mansha latest eid collection 2012 is of course total eastern collection in which you will find embroidered dresses which are perfect for this season and event both.Mansha latest summer collection 2012 for Eid has consists of bright colors such as green, yellow, orange, red and etc etc which are looking awesome with embellishment of different lace work and embroidery.

Just stay a bit here and have a look at them here below..They are stunning..

Mansha Latest Eid Collection 2012 For Summer.

Mansha Eid Dresses.

Complete Collection.


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