Mahira Khan Takes a Dig At Trolls Calling Showbiz Vulgarity a Big Reason of Rape Incidents

Pakistani star Mahira Khan slammed a Twitter troll who asserted that entertainers advancing media vulgarity was the reason rape incidents as particularly in light of the Farishta assault and murder case, for which she had tweeted about before also.

In a tweet on Thursday, Mahira stated: “It’s the outlook! It’s the disgrace related with it.

Preceding this, on Thursday, Mahira had tweeted about Farishta, the 10-year-old young lady whose body was found from a woodland in Islamabad three days prior and later moved to the Poly Clinic for after death.

Late Farishta’s family, which has a place with Mohmand Agency, said they had attempted to record a missing individual report with the police on May 15 yet it took police until May 19 to enlist a first data report (FIR) and, and still, at the end of the day, an appropriate pursuit was not started.


FIR enrolled against policemen for carelessness for Farishta’s situation. The FIR at long last enlisted by Farishta’s dad, Ghulam Nabi, expressed that the family visited the police headquarters for the enrollment of a missing protest. Nonetheless, the SHO, rather than searching for the young lady, claimed that she had fled with somebody.

Rather than enlisting the FIR, police authorities had the police headquarters cleaned, the FIR states. Local people, who later found the minor young lady’s body, along these lines educated the police.

A FIR was held up against the station house officer (SHO) for Shahzad Town and other cops for carelessness for the situation, and calls for activity against authorities required for criminal carelessness. Then, police have captured a nearby relative of Farishta yet did not give further subtleties. They state that the extent of the examination has been broadened.

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