Mahira Khan Embarrassed By a Woman In Morning Show

Our cute and one of our favorite Actresses, Mahira Khan got embarrassed in morning show ‘Muskrati Morning’ by an unknown woman to whom she called randomly. Surprised..? You should be surprised.

 Host of the program ‘Faisal Qureshi’ asked Mahira to call any unknown number randomly and make her believe that she is ‘Actress Mahira Khan’. Mahira called on some numbers but they were not available. She tried again and a woman of mature voice attended call. Mahira after formal ‘Salam’ said that she is Mahira Khan. Woman replied, ok then? Mahira asked the woman about drama ‘Hamsafar’ that has she watched.

Mahira Khan Wrong Call in morning show


The woman replied very rudely that she didn’t watch as there is no need to watch and it is the time to ask forgiveness from Allah not to watch dramas. The Woman scolded Mahira about asking drama that the earth quakes took place in Pakistan because it is a curse of Allah and you are talking about drama…! Finally she cut off the line rudely. Mahira shocked and felt so embarrassed which you can see in the pictures.

Story Of The Scene

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