Learn how to curl your hair with curler for beginners

girls are always very confused about what hairstyle to make. sometimes they like messy buns, sometimes try different braids and at times like to curl their hair. i can understand how difficult task it can be for the beginners when you want to curl your hair. curling your hair is an easy task, but, definitely not for those using the curler for the very first time. there are some precautions too for handling the curler properly. like, you should be careful while heating the curler as it may burn your hand.also don’t place the hot curler over anything. it might be dangerous.

Types of Curls:

learn how to curl your hair wih curler

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Steps for How to Curl your Hair:

well, let’s begin with the steps of how to curl your hair with a curler.

  • Heat up the curling wand: switch on the curling iron and heat it to 320 degrees for fine hair. it may take some attempts to find the perfect temperature for your hair. the best way is to go with the lowest temperature that does the job. it will do less damage to your hair.
  • Apply hair serum or heat protection spray: by applying any one of them you will form a buffer in between. in that case heat won’t directly contact the hairs.
  • Divide your hair into portions: by doing so it will  be easy for you to handle and you can curl them in portions. like 3-4 strands at a time and curl them on the wand.
  • Curl your hair properly: when rolling the hair on the curling wand, you can do it clockwise and then anti-clockwise. this way it would add more volume to your hair.If you want tighter curls, you will have to twist the curl while it cools. For looser waves, just let them fall. Either will add texture, it’s just a matter of personal preference.
  • Pin them up: once done,  keep on pinning the strands with a hair pin. this way the curled ones would stay fine until you continue with the rest.
  • Style them up: when you’ve done curling your hair use your hairbrush to set your hair in the desired hairstyle.


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