Latest Pictures of Hania Aamir From Nomi Ansari Collection at PSFW19

Did you check out the Hania Aamir latest pictures from the PSFW 2019 fashion show? If you missed it out, then here we have the fresh latest pictures for you. PSFW 2019 event is happening and for the amazing Nomi Ansari collection, he took Hania Aamir as the main show stopper for the collection!  Check out the picture right here:

Nomi Ansari is one of the leading and top famous fashion designers of Pakistan and he is much famous known for his bridal and mehndi dresses collections. But this time the designer step ahead with something really fresh and unique for the audience and the concept was about the gym outfits for the women. The whole theme of the collection was modern and much different to watch out for!


Hania aamir was the main show stopper and she was looking quite dazzling in the gym outfit! She was wearing black and blue gym suit. Although for such a collection showcase not just the designer but the showstopper had to face much criticism. Some of the fashion lovers even suggest the designer that he should have taken male models for such showcase collection and not the female models.

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