Interview Of Hassan Sheheryar Yasin Fashion Designer

Today we will be talking about one of the leading designer’s of Pakistani world. He is known for his work not only in the fashion world of
Pakistan but worldwide. He is famous for his formals more then he is for is causal. Presently he is considered to be a legend in the fashion world. By this i think you must of guessed whom we are talking about ? We are talking about none other than Hassan Sheheryar Yasin (HSY). This article is on an interview of Hassan Sheheryar Yasin Fashion Designer, we will talk both about his personal life as well as his professional life.

Interview Of Hassan Sheheryar Yasin Fashion Designer


Personal Life of  Hassan Sheheryar Yasin Fashion Designer

Tell us something about yourself, your history and your learning history ?

“In 1994 I started my career as a fashion choreographer, during the 14 years that followed I did a lot of local shows; I traveled a lot and did a lot of international shows. During that time I decided not to throw away my career and become someone conventional. When I was 5 yrs old I developed an urge to design my own cloth. In 1996, I joined the Pakistan School of Fashion Design (PSFD) and graduated in 2000, I learnt how clothes are put together, the philosophy behind them that led to the opening of my fashion house HSY in. The government of Pakistan has just appointed me in the Board of Directors of the school as well and in the Executive Committee. HSY is the winner of Lux style Fashion designer of the year award 2005-6.

Again during an interview of Hassan Sheheryar Yasin Fashion Designer, he was asked to comment on his inspiration and he said

The inspiration behind the collection is the spiritual beauty of the East, celebrating our affluent time honored heritage with an emphasis on the use of cuts, both ageless and contemporary, to craft a look that is elegantly classic.

Do you believe in Fate ? and do you think fate is the key to your or anyone success ?

Yes, I strongly believe in fate

In an interview of Hassan Sheheryar YAsin Fashion Designer he was asked; Dress makes a man, or a man makes a dress ? he said


“Man definitely makes the clothes; clothes do not make a man. I do not think, often for a lot of people that do, I think those who feel that clothes that will make the man are people with very little self confidence probably no personality.”

Professional Life Of Hassan Seheheryar YAsin Fashion Designer


During an interview of Hassan Sheheryar Yasin Fashion Designer he was asked regarding the upcoming of so many different designers and he said

“No. Where there is a lot of mixed talent available especially due to the internet, there is also a benefit to the consumer. The consumer becomes intelligent. The consumer starts to realize the different options available under various roofs. The consumer no longer wants to look like a million bucks she wants to feel like a million bucks. What’s happening is that there are a lot of designers right now and I think the consumer will do the shifting and the good ones will survive and the bad ones will get down. In the process the good ones will become better for they will realize that there is competition in the market and competition will motivate them to become more creative.”

Do you like what you do ? 

“I love work, I enjoy it… I don’t even see it as working. Only two things I live for… work and travel. I have an obsession for seeing the world. I want to see every city in the world, from crazy places like some small little city in China to Kenya and Nairobi, which I haven’t been to, but I’m dying to. I don’t care, I want to see everything.

I work, and then I run away, and I come back with all these ideas and I work some more.”


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