Interesting Facts about Engagement Rings

Engagement is one of the most special and lovely events of one’s life. It comes once in a lifetime and has to be celebrated with full joys and enjoyment. Here are some interesting facts about engagement ring that would certainly prove to be highly surprising for you.

Popular Diamonds – facts about engagement ring

One of the most popular diamond colors for engagement ring is red. We know that pink color is also highly loved in engagement rings. The trend of using red diamonds in round brilliant cut has become common. Certainly this is a practice followed by the individuals who can afford to spend thousands of dollars onto their engagement ring.

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Engagement Rings


GIA and IGI are among the most amazing diamond labs in the world. What makes these labs amazing is their high grade and well cut diamonds that are being sold the world over for making engagement rings. Let me here tell you that some of the engagement and wedding rings even use the special white gold produced in these two labs. It is, thus, mandatory for any one of us to choose a unique and amazing design of engagement ring before you make a purchase from these two labs. They would not let your expectations down.


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Engagement Rings

Use of white gold

Occasionally the use of white gold in engagement ring is done in some parts of the world. It is said to be giving elegance and grace to your engagement ring. The people of those states have made it a trend that white gold is mandatory to be used in their rings just to give it fabulous and remarkable look. Do you also feel that white gold really gives nicer and better look to your engagement ring? Well, I believe nothing is better than diamonds, especially the red heart-shaped diamonds to get in engagement rings.

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