Imran Ashraf Spoke Responded About Iqra Aziz Unfollowing Him On Instagram

Iqra Aziz as of late unfollowed most individuals from the organization on Instagram, for reasons yet obscure. The ‘Suno Chanda’ on-screen character unfollowed individual co-stars like Farhan Saeed and Imran Ashraf, alongside most Pakistani distributions – with Yasir Hussain being the main Pakistani on-screen character despite everything she pursues.

Imran Ashraf and Iqra Aziz have been great companions for quite a while and turned out to be nearer while shooting ‘Ranjha Kardi.’  A couple of days back, Iqra went on a mass unfollowing binge on Instagram and quit following some of her co-stars, including Imran Ashraf.

After a fan remarked underneath Imran Ashraf’s post to educate the on-screen character that Iqra had unfollowed him, Imran reacted splendidly!  The on-screen character got over it, saying “koi baat nahi, I am her genuine fan I will continue following her.”


Regardless of whether this was essentially an innocuous, guiltless reaction or something somewhat more savage (we can’t help articulate the “real” in this present), Imran’s reaction was decidedly gotten.

A couple of clients theorized how Iqra had unfollowed everybody following the Yasir Hussain contention.


Many saw how Iqra had pursued everybody except Yasir.

Everybody recognized Imran for his honorable reaction and spilled out only love for the on-screen character.

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