If Pakistani Celebrities Were Super Heroes!

Have you ever wondered that how Pakistani celebrities will look like if they are superheroes? Sounds interesting, Right na?

Today will share some funny pictures of famous Pakistani personalities as superheroes.

Note: We are not criticising people in this way. This article is published by the writer and have only been put up in good humor. Just for entertainment purpose, please don’t take it too seriously.

Shehroze Sabzwari As Spider-Man

Shehroze Sabzwari superhero

Imran Khan as Superman

Imran khan as super man

Shahid Afridi As Flash Man

shahid afridi flash man



Aamir Liaquat As The Incredible Hulk

Dr. aamir liaquat as hulk

Meesha Shafi

meesha shafi black widow

Maula Jutt

Maula jutt

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