Humaira Arshad and Ahmed Butt Are Officially Divorced Now

Prestigious vocalist Humaira Arshad and model and actor Ahmed Butt went separate ways lgeally and officially as after a long-running fight in court by finishing their agitated relationship of around 14 years. The couple got hitched in 2004 and after certain long stretches of their marriage, their relationship began going downhill. Since the most recent couple of years, they went under spotlight for a considerable amount of times for all the wrong reasons.

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The court had issued two separation notifications to Ahmed Butt prior on Humaira Arshad’s solicitation yet the couple fixed up after that. The couple later on reported their separation within the sight of the two families and with shared understanding.


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Singer Humaira Arshad stated that: “Our separation was at last concluded on Monday after shared comprehension. This separation was a shared choice and neither of us have any grievances with one another”. She included that, “We did this for our child, for his future. I am happy with my separation and will presently concentrate on my work and singing vocation the same number of new open doors is coming my direction.”

It is being rumored that Ahmed Ali Butt has taken the custody of the kid and will shift to US whereas Humaira will concentrate on her singing career.

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