How To Get Big Bouncy Hair?

Getting a gorgeous hairstyle is one of the amazing experiences any lady can have. These days the world of fashion and trends has greatly been revolutionized by various ideas and creations. But when it comes to get big bouncy hairstyles, then a lot of things and ideas are unveiled by the fashion experts.

How to get big bouncy hair

Despite the traditional ways of getting the big bouncy hair, ever college going young girl and even the professional ladies can enjoy wearing the bouncy hair in no time. Mousse is the traditional choice for brilliant volume. When added to damp hair it coats the hair shaft, giving it a thicker appearance once blowdried. Mousse also lifts the hair giving your style root boost, volume and brilliant hold.

Practice the root massage when you’re on a night out. Pop to the loos, flip your hair over your head and massage your fingertips into the root area. Flip your locks back again and rearrange the hair for top oomph!

Adding colour to your hair can help boost volume. If you have never coloured your hair before, or haven’t coloured for a while, add some high or low lights or even a full head of colour. The dye will plump up the middle of the hair leaving you with thicker-looking hair all over. Adding tonged curls to your hair creates instant width and height. If you have short hair fill it with tonged curls. This look is bang on-trend, and the best way to thicken-up fine, flyaway locks for an evening out.

Invest in a set of heated rollers if you suffer from lack-lustre lengths. Wind them into dry hair while you’re putting on your make-up for a night out. Unwind them once cool and run your fingers through your lengths for root height and lots of bounce. Discover dry shampoo’s welcome side effect. Once dry shampoo is applied and brushed out your hair will look unmistakably thicker! Use it on those emergency days when you only have five minutes to spare.


Dig out that diffuser attachment to give your hair a little oomph! Diffuser attachments are designed to circulate the airflow to a wider area giving your hair time to wave and curl as you scrunch the hair dry. It’s the best way to encourage curls and waves. Give your hairstyle the best start with a top quality volumising shampoo. Although a volumising shampoo won’t actually make your hair thicker, it will make your hair look more ‘naturally’ thick and will aid any styling you do afterwards – it’s the best place to start.

Give hair powders a go! There are lots of great hair powders on the market. Add them to dry roots and backcomb for fab volume or sprinkle over your lengths for matt texture. Consider having a few layers cut in. If you speak to your stylist about trying a style that will help thicken up your locks they’ll undoubtedly suggest layers. Layers encourage movement and texture in your mid-lengths and ends which in return, makes your hair look thicker and healthier, especially if scrunch-dried.

Always have a big, round brush handy if you want to create huge styles. Apply a heat-styling product to damp hair first, then starting at the nape of the neck, work section by section following the brush with your hairdryer as you blowdry. Roller your brush up the length of the hair and back again as you dry for the best volume.

At the end you can try any of the fashion community online to know more about the ways of such wonderful and appealing fashion ideas.

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