How To Arc Eyebrows

Have you ever experience making the arc of your eyebrows? We have mostly noticed that women make the arc eyebrows to make their facial appearances much noticeable and prominent for others. The making of the eyebrows gives a new and fresh look to the face. But most of the women are unaware from the method of carrying out the arc eyebrows creation. In this article we are discussing the complete steps that will certainly assist the women in making the perfect looking arc of their eyebrows. Firstly, the women should gather few ingredients such as ruler, mirror and tweezer.

How To Arc Eyebrows:

  1. Firstly, place the ruler in one hand and mirror in other hand. Now locate the ruler at the left side of the nose and make sure that the ruler should interest at the point where the hairs has been grown at huge amount. Now gently pluck the hairs that are coming in the line of the ruler.
  2. On the upper section of the eyebrows the same procedure will be carried out for the right side of the eye.
  3. In the downward portion of the eyebrows place the ruler in the similar direction. Make sure that the lower section of the eyebrow is soft and in view of any negligence the eyebrow may face wrong cuts and scratches.
  4. If in case the women face any pain she can even make the choice of placing some cold clothe over the eyebrows before creating the arcs.
  5. For getting much better and finest results the women should always pluck the eyebrows from the beneath side.
  6. If you are carrying out the process for the first time then be sure that you should always take one hair at a time.
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