How the Pakistani Models Choose Skin Tone

Knowing your skin tone is very much important these days. Imagine of the time when you don’t know your skin tone and are confused about how to treat it. Isn’t that surprising? I am giving here the overview of seasonal skin tone to let you know a little more about your skin.

Seasonal skin tone of Pakistani models

Seasonal skin tone is referred the type of skin we have with the changing seasons. Those with rough skin type in winters may develop it into oily one when the summers arrive. This is why, with the changes of season, it is mandatory for you to change your skin lotions, makeup, moisturizers as well so that you can have flawless skin. Check some of the seasonal skin tones.

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Skin Tone


During the winter, chances are there that you may have dark and rough skin. Usually our skin gets dried during the winters. Its color may also change from white to dark and the hairs, eyes, and other parts of the body also get darkened. This is why, choose your skincare products in accordance with the type of seasonal skin tone.



During the spring season, the skin usually turns to lighter form. It may look beautiful and colorful as the spring season is itself nice enough. You can enjoy seasonal skin tone by using special flower extracts in this season. There are various skincare products you can enjoy this season.

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Skin Tone


If your hair and skin both get lighter and oily, then in summers this is common. During the seasonal skin tone, summer can bring you oiliness of the skin. This is the reason avoid the use of overpowering your skin with excessive makeup because this can ruin the skin’s texture.


During the fall season, chances are there that your skin can turn to seasonal skin tone of light color. This is why, choose your moisturizer accordingly.

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