How Tanhaiyan, Television Show, made Me nostalgic for old Pakistani Dramas

Tanhaiyan is one of my favorite classic shows of television. When I started watching this show, I realized that the drama has so much to impress the audience.

A little about Tanhaiyan, Television Show

A few months ago I had a change to buy a CD of the classic drama series of Pakistan, the great television show named ‘Tanhaiyan’. To be honest, the show left great impression on me. It impacted me to much extent.

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Television Show

The television show, Tanhaiyan, is written by Haseena Moin and directed by Saira kazmi. The story of the show is about two sisters named Zara and Sania played by Shehnaz Sheikh and Marina Khan respectively. This talks about the ups and downs of the lives of both sisters.


Why it Impressed Me

Let me here tell you that secret of why this television show and how it impressed me. The show, as I told you already, is about the relationships of two sisters and the troubles they come across in their lives. The drama impressed me because from it I could realize that the girls have to face multiple problems in their life.

The society of Pakistan we are living in requires the females to sacrifice a lot of things. Sometime the girls loss their parents and still manage to become successful, while other times they are taunted and teased by their in-laws in one way or the other. The purpose of this television show has been to teach the females how to amend their ways and continuously try to make their home’s environment peaceful for the others.

The drama series, by the whole, proved to be a big lesson for the girls like me. We, the females, should always try to be polite in our behavior and try to make homes—not to break homes.

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