Hot Looks Of Pakistani Actresses In Black Dress

Want to see Pakistani actresses in black dress? Today will share some pics of gorgeous Pakistani actresses in black dresses. We hope that you will enjoy seeing the pictures.

In the end, don’t forget to mention which celebrity rocked the black dress looks!

Ushna Shah

ushna shah hot pics

Ushna Shah is looking bold and attractive in this black dress. Her dress is full of shimmers and glitters. The simple makeup, light colored lipstick and hair curls are looking great on Ushna Shah.

Syra Shehroze

syra shehroze hot looks

Syra Shehroze is wearing a black dress with big white dots and a skinny black trouser with white fleet shoes. What a nerd look!

Maya Ali

maya ali hot photos


The young actress Maya Ali is looking extraordinary stunning and charming in this black outfit.

Mahira Khan

mahira khan black dress


The red lipstick, simple hair-do and the black outfit are truly looking mindblowing on Mahira Khan.

Juggan Kazim

juggan kazim in black dress

Well, I must say that this magazine has popped up with Juggan Kazim’s glamorous looks.

Ayesha Omer

ayesha omer black dress

Sarah Khan

sarah khan black dress

Sanam Jung

sanam jung hot

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