Homemade Cures for Puffy Eyes

Are you suffering from puffy eyes? Do you feel it to be highly irritating to deal with the puffy eyes? If the answer is yes then here are some homemade cures for puffy eyes.


Potatoes are very great for puffy eyes. These have anti-inflammatory properties and help in the treatment of eyes irritation, pain, and even the rounds that may appear around your eyes every now and then. Grate a few potatoes or even a single into small pieces, then apply them to the eyes. Keep it onto the eyes for some minutes, or from 10-30 minutes to have wonderful results.

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Homemade Cures for Puffy Eyes


Cucumbers have cooling effects and astringent properties that are great to deal with puffy eyes and other eyes infections of minor nature. Cucumbers slices can be kept onto your eyes just like we told you that you can keep potato slices onto the eyes. Its cooling effect would give you great feeling. Keep the slices on each eye for about 10-20 minutes while taking rest.


Green Tea

We all know that green tea has soothing properties to give you and adorable and refreshing feel. But its properties are so great that it is good for your puffy eyes. You can keep the used tea bags onto the eyes and let them stay there for several minutes. Trust me, this would give you an amazing feel and the eyes would feel refresh.

Tomato Pulp

Apply tomatoes onto the eyes or apply its pulp, whatever you like. In both cases, this is ideal for your eyes. Trust me it would give you relief from all minor eyes infections. You can do this process every day as it has absolutely no side effects. This would instead give you fresh feeling when the pulp is removed from the eyes. It would also nourish the cells of the skin.

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Homemade Cures for Puffy Eyes

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