Hira Mani Cheated On Her Fiance Before Getting Married to Mani

The multitalented, bubbly, chirpy, and full of life diva, Hira Mani is currently stealing everyone’s heart with her acting skills. The fondness of her fans is increasing day by day, and she is even bagging some more fans for all the right reasons.

However recently, Hira Mani opened up about her love life and how she was eager to get married to the one she loved. During an interview with a renowned actress Samina Peerzada, the Yaqeen Ka Safar actress did not shy away from sharing her secrets with her fans and followers.

Hira Mani Cheated On Her Fiancé Before Getting Married to Mani


While talking about how her love story started, she said that Mani was previously her friend’s boyfriend and she secretly took his number from her phone. She said:

“Mani Was My Friend’s Boyfriend And They Used To Like Each Other Everyday. I Was Always A Big Fan Of Mani And I Always Wanted To Meet Him. I Secretly Stole The Number From My Friend’s Phone And Called Him Saying I Was His Fan.”

Hira further added that her husband does not want to change her and embrace her for the way she is.

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