Hira Mani And Junaid Khan Pair Up Once Again For Thays On A Plus

Here’s the news most of us have been waiting for since Sun Yara on ARY Digital ended. Hira Mani and Junaid Khan, the gorgeous pair of Roshani and Talal from Sun Yara are coming back once again, this time on A Plus, as Rabab and her beloved cousin Asher.

“I had been receiving tons of messages on Instagram from my fans who wanted to see me and Junaid work together once again after Sun Yara. And so when Thays came my way, I just couldn’t say no to it,” shares the beautiful Hira Salman.

Talking more about the story and why she said yes to this one, Hira added how Thays was a beautiful story of love and relationships. “Besides being another serial with Junaid, I fell in love with this one scene when I first read the script. There’s this situation where Junaid’s character gets hurt. And Rabab loves him so intensely that she hits herself with a flower pot, on the same spot as Junaid’s just because she cannot bear to see him get hurt.” Adding further, Hira said how she had always wanted to do a passionate love story, a girl who loved with all her heart and Thays has given her that.

Hira Mani And Junaid Khan Pair Up Once Again For Thays On A Plus

Along with working together once again, Hira and Junaid will be singing the OST for Thays as well. Yup this one is the same OST that we brought you the news about. Composed by Naveed Naushad, composer of the hit OST of Sun Yara.

Indulging further details about the play, Hira also told us that Farah Shah will be playing her mother. “My mother will be against my relationship with Asher and since my character loves her mother very much, the situation will get troublesome as soon as the story progresses.” Hira also quipped about how Farah Shah had lost a lot of weight and looked very young in the role of her mother.

Junaid is all praises for his co-star Hira. Mentioning how hard working Hira is, Junaid mentioned, “Hira is a wonderful actress, one who is very critical about her work. She works hard every time, ensuring she does better with every scene. And above all she is a wonderful human being.”

“There are projects where you don’t realize you’re even working because of the atmosphere on the sets and Thays has been just that for us,” added the actor further.

Directed by Kashif Saleem, Thays will focus on a beautiful love story that revolves around the romance that blossomed back in the 80/90s era. All set to air on A Plus, Thays is expected around December or January the coming year.

Hira Mani And Junaid Khan Pair Up Once Again For Thays On A Plus

Hira Mani And Junaid Khan Pair Up Once Again For Thays On A Plus

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