Hamza Ali Abbasi and Mahira Join Hands to be the Part of First Ever National Youth Council of Pakistan!

The part of being a superstar is no longer just confined to being social and performing in all the events however rather utilizing that fame to advantage others or clearly create focus on things which are important. With Mahira Khan and Hamza Ali Abbasi using their stardom for a better purpose, we for one have been extremely joyful when we got to know that the duo has grown to be section of the first-ever National Youth Council of Pakistan.

With the information shared by way of Mahira herself, she used to be thrilled to be covered in this organization as she wrote,

‘Honoured to be a part of the first-ever National Youth Council of Pakistan. Thank you, Imran Khan, PTI, letโ€™s do this’.

With Prime Minister Imran Khan has formally accepted the launch of 33-member National Youth Council (NYC) for the uplift of the adolescence of the country, except Mahira and Hamza the group additionally includes outstanding figures like Sana Mir, Samina Baig and Muniba Mazari to identify a few.

So what is the cause of this council? Well, it has been formed to ensure the lively participation of younger authorities in country wide development as it is a devised scheme to economically empower the childhood who have been deprived of better livelihood and profits opportunities.

With us for my part loving the initiative we are sure Mahira Khan and Hamza Ali Abbasi as well as others will no longer disappoint and will play a fantastic role mannequin for the childhood of this United States and encourage them to reach their full achievable with ease.

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