Gul Ahmed reLAWNched Premium Lawn Collection and won the race

Winter has survived for too long, thanks to a sudden spell of rain and snow. However, its days are numbered. This survival mode may prevail for another couple of weeks—or may be till the mid of March at max. To put it simply: “Summer is coming!”

For women in Pakistan, the arrival of summer brings a season of new lawn collection launches by every brand in the country.

However, it seems everyone’s in a bit of fix.

This time, Gul Ahmed won the race by exclusively launching its Premium Lawn a week before than expected. Yes! Shoppers can order their favourite lawn suits from the comfort of their homes.

The New Era of Lawn

The catchphrase of Summer Lawn Collection 2019 by Gul Ahmed is quite impressive: reLAWNch.

See how cleverly they have used the word “LAWN” while launching the first lawn collection of 2019. No brand has done this so far. However, the innovation does not end on there.

Keeping in view the weather conditions, which is quite different this year, Gul Ahmed has crafted some amazing designs with colours which are good for all types of climatic conditions.

Inside the Premium Lawn Collection, you will find various types of summer-ready fabrics. The most notable is the introduction of Swiss Voile, a premium quality fabric known for its smooth and silky features.

Every design shows that their expertise in creating unstitched fabric for the Pakistani market. If it’s an embroidered dress, the work is awesome. If it’s digital design, the print is flawless. Then, there is more. Under the Taani Luxury Jacquard Collection, the fashion giant has showcased how it has been able to modernize the traditional weave of jacquard fabric. Across the many fabric lines, you will be pleased to see a variety of high-fashion Chiffon, Silk, and Organza dupattas.

The New Age of Coloured Fabrics

The flagship lawn line contains a lot of pastels like Sky Blue, White, Lavender Purple, Sorbet Green, Lime, Sunshine Yellow, and Sand Brown.

These are accompanied by a few dark shades, like Flame Red, Maroon, Navy, Royal Blue, Midnight Blue and Leaf Green.

For the ladies who love Black, at least 6 designs are available in this “reLAWNch”. Surprisingly, each interpretation is as beautiful as the next one.


Then, you can see the colour of the year: Living Coral.


The New Tradition of Indulgence

A little bit of luxury hurts nobody. Inside the Summer Premium Lawn Collection, you will find the plenty of enhancements. There is a plenty of lace—and that too in variety. Across the collection, you can find Croatia Lace, Chantilly de Lace, Embroidered Jacquard Lace, and Swiss Voile Lace.

Want more grandeur? You can always opt for a lawn suit with diamantes, sequins, and zari work.

In short, the reLAWNch of premium lawn collection 2019 by Gul Ahmed is just love.

Available Exclusively Online From February 22

The launch of Lawn Collection by Gul Ahmed is not less than a gift to the ladies. For many, lawn launches can be an intimidating experience. Gul Ahmed has found a solution for this problem. For the first time ever in Pakistan, the entire Summer Lawn Collection will be available online only from February 22, 2019. That’s today!

This will give you enough time to grab your favourite two-piece and three-piece lawn designs and get them stitched right before the summer arrives. Perhaps, Gul Ahmed wants you to reLAWNch your style too. So, what are you waiting for? Order your favourite suits from Gul Ahmed Summer Lawn Collection now and rediscover your true sense of fashion in a new era of lawn.

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