Gucci Wristwatches For Women 2013

Into Wristwatches then you are in the right place, Today we will be discussing the summer collection 2013 of wristwatches launched and introduced by GUCCI. As the name itself is more than enough and no further encouragement or guarantee is required when their things come into question, so we will simply highlight some of the new arrivals i.e. Gucci Wristwatches For Women 2013. I believe there is a large number of wristwatches which were introduced this summer by the world class and world famous brand GUCCI, but we will only be focusing on some of the famous and popular Gucci Wristwatches For Women 2013.

Gucci Wrist Watches For Women 2013

Following is the list of Gucci WRISTWATCHES For Women 2013.

Gucci 1921

Gucci 1921

This one is considered to be a one of its own kind with its stylish and unique style it has become very popular. It is only for a limited time period. As this was a symbol made for celebrating 90 years of success for GUCCI. Its size is 25 x 25 mm, and because of the camel leather it stand out as compare to other gucci wristwatches for women 2013. The stainless steel case and the stainless steel bangle  with jewelry clasp is an added attraction to this beautiful watch. It has white dial and  is Swiss Made. It has quartz Movements and sapphire crystal.  It has a water resistant of 3 atm i.e. 100 feet/300 meter. But since the leather is of camel and thus for sensitive all contacts with water should be avoided.  It also has a two year warranty. And its present price is $1150, which i think is pretty high but then there is nothing which GUCCI makes and its cheap.


Gucci Interlocking Watch With Small Steel Case

Gucci Interlock

This is another beautiful Gucci Wristwatch for women. Gucci Interlocking Watch With Small Steel Case is considered to be a featuring sleek modern take on Gucci’s iconic insignia. This interlocking watch with small steel case is a sophisticated blend of minimalism  and luxury.

It has a diameter of 29 mm with a stainless steel double G case. One major reason behind it being considered the perfect blend of minimalism and luxury is its black leather strap. The classy formation adds the artistic touch to this gucci wristwatch for women 2013, whereas the black leather strap adds the luxurious aspect. Another cool thing about this watch is; double lining of Gucci’s Symbol G. It has a black Sun-Brushed dial with Gucci Logo at 12 0 clock. Similar to above it is also a swiss made. And it has quartz movement and also contains sapphire crystal. One thing about Gucci Wristwatches it that they are always water resistant, and so is this one. It is water resistant up to 5 ATM i.e. 160 feet / 50 meters. And for this you do not have to avoid water contact since its black leather strap is not as sensitive as of Gucci 1921. It also has a two year warranty and its price is lower than the price of Gucci 1921, but then you can’t hope to buy a Original Gucci in a cheap price. Its price is $ 860.

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