Gohar Rasheed Slams Coke Studio and Calls Nescafe Basement as Best Emerging Talent Platform

No doubt that in the current time, Nescafe Basement has proved itself to be the best platform for the emerging talent showcasing against Coke Studio! So many celebrities have been coming in the way to support the way Nescafe Basement has been contributing ahead in showing the new talent in the music where on other side Coke Studio is just making an effort to bring famous faces under their platform.

Recently famous actor Gohar Rasheed appreciated the way Nescafe Basement has been coming in the front line and introducing some new young talent. He expressed his thoughts in a way as mentioned below:


Well we do think that Gohar Rasheed has been for sure right on this term and definitely the audience will agree on this statement. If you are a regular follower of Coke Studio and Nescafe Basement then for sure you will be finding these two platforms to be completed different from one another in highlighting the new talent. Previous season of Coke Studio was a huge disappointment for the audience whereas the current season of Nescafe Basement is on the hit ranking list of the music lovers.

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