Firdous Summer Fashion Accessories 2012 for Men and Women


Firdous is a very well known and renowned clothing brand inPakistan. Firdous textile industry was established in 1960. Recently, Firdous has launched summer collection 2012 for women. Now Firdous is back with a huge bang with their stunning and latest summer collection of fashion accessories 2012 for men and women. In latest and exclusive summer fashion accessories 2012 collection includes leather handbags, beautiful bags and briefcase. Moreover, beautiful and fancy clutches are also included in Firdous summer fashion accessories 2012. The feature model for Firdous summer fashion accessories 2012 is beautiful and gorgeous Ayyan Ali. On the other hand, Firdous textile mill also launched fashion accessories for men such as business bags, suite cases, shoes, belts, jeans, polo shirts and ties. In simple words, we can say that Firdous summer fashion accessories collection 2012 is very appealing as well as sys catching. Let’s give a quick look at this stunning summer collection of fashion accessories by Firdous.

Latest fashion accessories by Firdous 2012

Stylish fashion accessories for women by Firdous


Latest clutches by Firdous 2012


Stylish handbags for women by Firdous

Latest business bags for men by Firdous

Stylish business bags as summer fashion accessories by Firdous

Latest suit cases for men and women by Firdous

Casual shirts and handbags by Firdous

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