Firdous Footwear Collection 2012 For Women

Well there would be no one who is not aware from the name of Firdous. This brand is known to be one of the biggest and yet well established textile mills in Pakistan. Firdous has always highlighted themselves with the appearance of clothing, fashion accessories and home use decoration products. In the clothing section their fresh and stunning designs have always forced the women to hit down their outlets. In the category of fashion accessories they have constantly focused upon the introduction of comfortable shoes. They have always earned massive appreciation and positive response from the public. Freshly, Firdous launched their exclusive and newest footwear collection 2012 for women. The whole collection seems to be tremendously gorgeous and pleasing to the eyes. The whole collection has been set as the suitable choice for the casual events and official workings as well. All the women who wish to make them dazzling with their dress and shoes they should definitely check out the Firdous footwear collection 2012 without any delay.

Moreover, the colors filled in the footwear collection are lively and bright that would certainly make the women feel love towards their feet. In this article we are sharing few pictures of Firdous shoes collection 2012. Moreover, the entire collection revolves around the high heels, low heel shoes, high sandals, low sandals and court shoes as well. Furthermore, the material and stuff used in the footwear shoes is quite comfortable and relaxed. In simple words, the entire collection is just magnificent and captivating that has definitely grabbed the attraction of maximum women. Well all those women who are searching for the striking shoes then they should put a break at their search because Firdous has arrived with their collection. So just rush now and catch the Firdous footwear collection 2012 and we are sure that you will forget coming out from the outlet.








Latest footwear collection 2012 by Firdous









Firdous footwear collection 2012 for women











Stylish footwear collection 2012 by Firdous











Flat shoes collection 2012 by Firdous for women











 Elegant footwear collection 2012 by Firdous











Firdous shoes collection 2012 for women and young girls











Decent footwear collection 2012 by Firdous

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