Feroze Khan Won Best Actor award for Khaani & Internet Thinks He is Not Deserving Enough

Last night, Feroze Khan gained the ‘Viewers Choice for Best Actor’ for his villainous function on Geo’s ‘Khaani.’ While many viewers congratulated the actor for his win, others have condemned it.

Feroze’s win was once met with criticism online, with many agreeing that actor Bilal Abbas Khan must have gained rather for his role as Taimur on ‘Balaa.’ The awards ceremony was once accused of biasedness and foul play.

Others have been upset actors like Farhan Saeed, Yumna Zaidi and Imran Ashraf have been wrongfully snubbed!

Despite the snub, Bilal cordially congratulated Feroze for the win on Instagram final night.

“Great to see that as actors we nevertheless have solidarity and respect for seniors. @ferozekhan and noman Bhai I couldn’t be more happier for you guys. You guys deserved it and have in reality earned it. All the very first-class of success to all the nominees and winners!” wrote Bilal.

Do you really think that Feroze Khan was not deserving enough?

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